How To Write A Piano Melody – Step By Step Guide

When it comes to writing a piano melody, there are some steps that you must know.

First of all, there are two key terms you need to know when it comes to piano melody terms. They are themes and motive. For the purpose of this guide, a theme is a longer, more flowing melodic idea. And we are going to define motive as a short, rhythmic idea

1 piano musical sentence is known as 8 measures, otherwise also known as a standard period.

The first phrase is usually called either Question phrase or the antecedent phrase. That is because it sets the piano song up and lets you expect something, or that you feel like need to get a resolve.

This first phrase then leads to the second phrase – also known as the consequent or answer phrase.

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But now, for more tips, you can just refer to the following video which shares with you step by step on how to write a piano melody effectively.