How To Find A Good Piano Teacher In Singapore?

Finding a good piano teacher is paramount to speeding up your rate of success. If you want to master writing piano songs as well as playing the piano instrument well, and fast, then you need to get a good teacher. Here are some tips to help Singaporean students find that perfect music teacher.

You want to figure out what you want to learn. Some students want a teacher to guide them and quickly pass the ABRSM graded examinations. Some Singaporean students want their teacher to teach them how to play pop music songs. On the other hand, some people like us want to learn the piano and music to potentially become a music composer in future! Since composing music is your end goal, then make sure to keep that in mind at all times…

With that said, I would encourage you that if composing music is also your end goal, to find a private piano teacher who is willing to adjust his or her teaching sessions to your goal. Music schools are totally not recommended in this case, as they are rigid and only suitable for students who prefer a cookie cutter style of teaching to passing the ABRSM exams. Other students opt for private tutors due to more convenience among other reasons. In our case, finding a private piano teacher and communicating our demands to him or her is key.

There are two ways you can find a private home piano tutor in Singapore. You can either look for one yourself, either through a friend’s recommendation or searching online through forums. A recommended alternative is to engage a Singapore piano teacher agency such as SG Learn Piano or The Happy Pianist. Agencies such as those will be able to assist you in finding the right teacher as soon as possible.

Now, do not make the mistake thinking that if a teacher has started to teach you, he or she needs to teach you forever and you are stuck with him or her. If after several months, you find that you are not progressing as ideally as you would like to, then you can go back to the agency to ask for a new teacher. It is simple as that. Just make sure to communicate to the teacher agency that you want a teacher who can focus on teaching you with the purpose of helping you eventually become a music composer, and you will be good to go. To the best of my knowledge, piano teacher agencies do not charge students anything, and their fees are free. Obviously, they will charge the teachers, but that is none of your business.

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