About Us

About Us

HWS was created in 2013 with the mandate to support Hubbards Writers and promote literary events and the arts in the Hubbards community. The HWS is made up of seven (7) community professionals and business people who meet three times a year, as well as seven (7) member writers who hold meetings every two weeks at their community hub, the Aspotogan Heritage Trust (AHT). Since its inception, the HWS has become an integral part of the vibrant arts community in the Hubbards/Aspotogan area and works to create partnerships as it develops community awareness and support for local artistic development in all the arts.

The Hubbards Writers Society Board of Directors for 2017-18 is as follows:


  • President: Pat Thomas
  • Vice-President: Adrian Coupe
  • Geraldine Tuck: Past Vice-President
  • Secretary: Linda Atkinson
  • Treasurer: Mary Ellen Sims
  • Past President: Susan de la Ronde


  • Jonathan Meakin – Community member/writer
  • John Stone ­– School administrator/teacher
  • Kevin Duffy – Transportation specialist
  • Richard Garnett – music promoter
  • Glenda Pennell – music writer and performer


Organizers of the  Hubbards Writers Festival come to the non-profit Hubbards Writers Society from a variety of backgrounds and each brings different skills to the society. Many committee members are members of Hubbards Writers (an interesting and dynamic local writing group). Others share literary and community interests, or have studied together in the Hubbards area – property managers, editors, business people, teachers and friends of Budge. A great deal has been added to our Festival because of the wonderful community support by HABA, the Hubbards Area Business Association, The Rug Hooking Museum of North America, The Chester MunicipalityThe Shatford Library, Lola’s Landing, WindyWood Publishing and  Aspotogan Heritage Trust.


Hubbards Writers Festivals, held each spring, provide a  program put together over the year to do these things:

  1. Provide support programs for writer/members of  Hubbards Writers
  2. Bring writers, editors, and publishers to Hubbards
  3. Create a festival that writers will want to return to the next year
  4. Offer learning opportunities and workshops that appeal to all types and levels of writers
  5. Promote  and celebrate writers, writing, and literacy in the Hubbards community through Hubbards Writers Society
  6. Celebrate and promote what our area has to offer in the Arts
  7. Support Hubbards area businesses (HABA)