How much do piano lessons cost in Singapore?

At the end of the day, regardless of the amount of online learning you can possibly do, when it comes to learning to play the piano, it is more effective to simply get a full time piano teacher to guide you. Then, supplementing these physical lessons with online learning is the way to speed up your learning. I strongly recommend you pick up a teacher from SGLearnPiano if you’re searching for a private piano tutor in Singapore.

So, let us take a look at how much the average piano lessons can cost in Singapore. Since private piano lessons are far more popular in Singapore than any kind of school lessons, let us explore the average prices and how much private home piano lessons can cost in Singapore.

If you wish to reach grade 8, you will need to start off with grade 1 piano lessons. Grade 1 piano lessons cost roughly $140 per month for 4 lessons per month. As you move through the piano grades, it will be approximately $20 more per month per grade. The following table is a simple example of what you can expect to pay for the lessons in Singapore.

Grade 1 – $140 per month

Grade 2 – $160 per month

Grade 3 – $180 per month

Grade 4 – $200 per month

Grade 5 – $240 per month

Grade 6 – $260 per month

Grade 7 – $280 per month

Grade 8 – $300 per month

If you notice, there is a bigger jump for the costs of the music lessons between grade 4 and 5. This is simply because lessons are only 45 minutes in length in Singapore for grade 4 and below. However, weekly music lessons will be 60 minutes for grade 5 and above. This is to accommodate to the greater amount of content you will need to master and learn during the piano lessons in Singapore for grade 5 and above. If you are interested to find out why some students get charged more while others less, click here for a more detailed look and reasoning behind the range of prices for piano lessons in Singapore.

The above are the average costs of music lessons in Singapore.  There are also miscellaneous costs such as registering for the practical and theory examinations. There are also costs such as that of purchasing the relevant piano books so that you can learn properly. However, all these are ad hoc costs, and the teacher you engage will advise you accordingly when the time comes